The Daily Star, New York praises our founders

Founders Florian and Laura Reyda met with Whitney Bashaw, writer at The Daily Star in New York, to share their professional account of the Project Buena Vista mission and recent trips. Bashaw’s article shines a light on Florian and Laura’s incredible contributions to this organization and it’s cause.

Florian shared his approach to biological education trips. He prepares participants for the journey with a reading list regarding conservation interests. This knowledge guides them as they analyze the effects of deforestation in the Peruvian Rainforest.

He told Bashaw, “We’re going to specific places with a history, we identify the specific problems. It makes the problems more real, makes it easier for them to tell stories about it because there is a context after this trip.”

Florian also assigns readings of cultural interest. The Reydas highly encourage interaction with locals and indigenous people. Caring for these communities is an essential component of their conservation efforts.

"One of the ideas for Project Buena Vista is that those with better medical care will be in a better position to conserve the rainforest; we are advocates for it," Florian said.

Laura Reyda is an acupuncturist and massage therapist who brings medical professionals to these local populations on medical outreach trips. They are able to treat about 200 people a visit.

“Folks will travel hours, if not days to come see her. Simply mentioning their names puts smiles on all the locals’ faces,” Rebecca Russel, a regular at Project Buena Vista, noted.

You can read the Daily Star article here.